Integrations White Paper

As a next-generation healthcare CRM, CareDesk was built from the ground up to integrate with other tools and services. These integrations provide a single seamless experience, eliminating the need to switch between disconnected applications, saving users time, and reducing error-prone data re-entry.






Just a Few Benefits of Robust Integration

Through multiple integrations, the CareDesk healthcare CRM gives your agents and patients a unified experience. They have single place to address any request or task. 


Personalization is the best medicine

  • Put the full patient context at your users’ fingertips
  • Build trust and loyalty through personalization
  • Guide patients to the closest provider by their geolocation
  • See a panoramic view of each patient with data from all your systems


    Guide employees and patients with world-class expertise
  • Safe symptom screening with Harvard Health Symptom Checker
  • Clinical Triage with world-class Schmitt-Thompson Clinical Nurse Content
  • Reference & send health education from Healthwise & Medline Plus


Communication automation keeps everyone connected

  • Switch between online and telephone communication on the fly
  • Auto-escalate urgent cases via the most appropriate channel
  • Auto-email patient with care advice and education materials after an encounter
  • Single-click to page a provider for possible emergency, complete with documentation for why


    Remove bottlenecks for your staff
  • Auto-SSO when a call comes in
  • Auto-search patient based on originating phone number
  • Incorporate health history, visit history, marketing history, and geolocation into decisions


Practice Management (PM) Integration


Build patient trust through displaying the patient context to employees with each patient’s visit history in view. Then delight them by scheduling patients directly into the PM faster and without errors. Send them links to schedule themselves in real-time at their own convenience. Patient registration, Intelligent Scheduling, and Patient Self-Scheduling are all built on integration with practice management. In addition to automated tools, the following information from the PM is displayed to agents as needed:

Read more on Intelligent Scheduling here.
Read more on Patient Self-Scheduling here.

Past and future appointmentslettera

numberPatient insurance

number-Apr-30-2021-07-28-14-38-PMPatient relationships

We support PM integration with the following EHR vendors:

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Integration


EHR Integration is key to safety and
documentation. Give the invaluable health record
context to agents and nurses. EHR integrations
come with the following standard features:


Keona Health currently supports the following EHR integrations

lettera Search patients by last name, first name, date of birth, MRN

numberAuto-display patients by originating phone number (see CTI/IVR integration below)

number-Apr-30-2021-07-28-14-38-PMPresent comprehensive patient data from the EHR, including
A. medical history
B. pharmacies
C. allergies
D. physician orders
E. medications
F. problem list
G. and more…

letterdSave all documentation to the patient’s chart

lettereSend EHR tasks/messages with pre-built templates (see Messaging below)

Sales & Marketing CRM

As a Healthcare CRM, CareDesk integrates with sales and marketing CRM’s such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

For more information, see What is a Healthcare CRM?

letteraSearch patients by last name, first name, date of birth, MRN

numberAuto-display patients by originating phone number (see CTI/IVR integration below)

number-Apr-30-2021-07-28-14-38-PMSee prior marketing interactions and interests

letterdCareDesk is able to read and write custom objects

Health Information


Build deep trust and drive compliance by delivering rich health education to patients in tandem with your telehealth services. Health education is a component of Nurse Triage.

letteraSearch content and display rich html results

numberPresent content in multiple languages

number-Apr-30-2021-07-28-14-38-PMEasily document just the information the nurse provides the patient

letterdElectronically send this information to patients after the encounter (see Messaging below)


Remove friction and frustration with messaging integration. Communication requirements present some of the largest hurdles in healthcare. Every communication medium has its own possible outcomes, timing for response, templates, and workflows around processing and retrying. Enormous time is spent relaying and tracking communications, whether this is paging an on-call providers, sending fax reports to the PCP, or creating tasks for the care team. CareDesk is able to automate all of these with Messaging Manager. The following integrations are supported:



Geolocation Services

Support unparalleled safety and service with geolocation services. Geolocation integration lets you:

letteraCalculate patient distance to referral practices

numberAssist patient with navigation to locations

number-Apr-30-2021-07-28-14-38-PME911 uses geo-location to connect to the right 911 for the patient

v copy 4

Instead of telling a patient to call 911 and hoping they do and can explain their possible emergency, your nurse can make an e911 call and get the appropriate 911 for the patient’s location.

Clinical Decision Support


Your employees will drive superior outcomes with world class clinical decision support. CareDesk’s Expert System can incorporate decision support for existing decision support libraries. We license best-in-class industry content for some of these:

letteraHarvard Health Publishing creates content used in NLP Symptom Screening

numberSchmitt-Thompson creates content used in Nurse Triage

Telephone Integration
CareDesk integrates with telephony systems at different layers, but the features supported are similar. Standard features are:


Single sign-on from the phone/IVR system

numberPhone/IVR system can pass originating number and telephone number dialed

number-Apr-30-2021-07-28-14-38-PMPatients in CareDesk/EHR can be matched based on phone

A. If multi-matched, choices can be presented
B. If there are no matches, patient search can be presented. See EHR Integration for the search functionality

letterdValues can be incorporated as preconditions for later choices

lettereIVR choices made (e.g. “press 1 for scheduling”) can auto-load protocols associated with that encounter type

letterfWhen a phone call is forwarded (e.g. from the call center to nursing), the encounter is automatically removed from the current assignment, and then assigned to the person selected by IVR.

Read about the deep RingCentral integration with CareDesk here.


CareDesk supports single sign-on (SSO) from a variety of sources, integrating into your existing security model. CareDesk supports the following SSO implementations:


Active Directory with LDAP

numberOauth support

number-Apr-30-2021-07-28-14-38-PMSSO with EHR sign-on (Allscripts, Epic Systems)

letterdSSO with telephone system sign-on (variety of systems)

Other Integrations

These are only the most popular integrations. Are you looking for an integration not listed? Contact us! We have over 40 integrations and may very well support your needs.