Solutions to Self-Scheduling Problems

03 Dec Healthcare's Self-scheduling Problem (times 3!) and Solutions

Healthcare is stunted trying to solve its access problem -- a problem that other industries have already solved. In this age of on-demand access, consumers are accustomed to an array of convenient...

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Extremely Frustrated Caller

19 Nov 7 Ways to Tick Off Telehealth Patients

GUARANTEED DISSATISFIERS   Are you guilty of committing these common telehealth sins? They plummet customer satisfaction scores and derail patient-retention efforts. In the interest of improving the...

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17 Nov Not skilled in active listening? You’re not skilled in telehealth. 8 tips to improve.

"We have two ears and one tongue so that we would listen more and talk less." -Diogenes Everyone thinks they are good listeners, but recent research shows that poor habits affect more than 70% of all...

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Provider flexibility has trade-offs with scheduling costs and complexity

12 Nov The  3 Ways to Address Patient Scheduling Errors

REMOVING ERRORS MAY REQUIRE TOUGH CHOICES   Patient scheduling has always been difficult. During COVID it became a real nightmare for some, as changing scheduling practices led to confusion,...

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27 Oct The Ultimate Guide to Improving Access, Revenues, and Outcomes with Telehealth

Whether your organization is ready for a full telehealth platform, or whether you simply want to add a single offering as a telehealth service, Keona has a solution for you. Embracing holistic...

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“Telehealth is here to stay.” – Learn how to optimize its use for better outcomes

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27 Oct What Telemedicine can learn from Telehealth Nursing

What Telemedicine Can Learn from Telehealth Nursing

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21 Oct Our latest podcast

PRACTICAL DYNAMITE A podcast by Gina Tabone     This podcast covers practice tips for telehealth: including scheduling, telemedicine & nurse triage. Telehealth is challenging. But you don't have to...

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25 Aug What is a healthcare CRM? (and how does it fit in with my systems?)

A CRM (which stands for customer relationship manager)is a database of potential and current customers that is combined with automation tools to manage interactions and relationships.

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14 Jul serving through covid

Since January, 2020, Keona health has made it our ethical goal to provide as much effort as is needed in assisting our clients in the battle against COVID. For some, call volumes skyrocketed. Helping...

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