Revolutionize Patient Interactions
with Agent & Nurse Workspace.

A well-designed workspace is the secret ingredient for elevating your staff experience.

What is a workspace?
A workspace is a single digital space arranged with special tools, knowledge, and guidance. Modern workspaces will automate tedious tasks, so your team spends more time using their training. It provides everything employees need for accomplishing service tasks and collaborating with others.




The Pain from these Problems






letteraAn optimized workspace reduces complexity.
It uses a combination of tools that work together seamlessly to provide the right information. It reduces choices in the moment by delivering the right information to your team members at the right time.


numberIt improves consistency and reduces errors.
It shows the team member everything they need to know, taking them from one decision point to another smoothly. Since everyone is guided by the same workflows, consistency of decision making and documentation are readily available.


number-Apr-30-2021-07-28-14-38-PMAn optimized workspace slashes handle time - up to 50%!
The process is simplified, and staff is guided through the process of identifying patients, delivering requests, and confirming appointments. Upfront investment now pays big dividends later.


letterdA well-designed workspace eliminates expensive infrastructure costs .
Also reduces lost revenue by improving quality of patient interactions.

Key Principles of Excellent Telehealth Experience

Artboard 10@3x
Every decision point has full patient context.

Artboard 11@2x
Make it easy to provide all the services at once - while the patient is online.

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Services are connected across every channel.

Artboard 13@3x-1
Each step is aware of steps before & after.



How it works

Capture telephone data to auto-load relationships and context. The right knowledge base content is prioritized automatically by delivering only what is needed, when it’s needed.

- Saves 30 - 75 seconds of handle time for each call
- Improves accuracy
- Puts the right knowledge base data at your team-member’s fingertips.

Telephone Integration
Knowledge Base


Search patients to show relevant health data. It links the right content to the right patient.

- Gives team members full 360 patient context
- Improves safety

Customized scripts, calculations and branching content guide your users each step of the way. The right content is always on at their fingertips.

- Quickly shifts to the most appropriate workflow based on the patient’s requests
- Reinforces training
- Reduces mental effort


Expert System Whitepaper




Advanced Capabilities

Customize the layout and content for every type of request.


Self-management tools let you make changes to workflow, content, or knowledge base in real-time.