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1 (Artificial) Intelligent Scheduling

Artificial Intelligence (AI) gives your providers control of their schedule AND centralizes scheduling. Once you train the AI to deliver your providers’ preferences, both patients and call-center staff can schedule complicated visits 24/7 without error. Earn trust while finally tracking the results of your marketing campaigns.

Reduce Phone Handle time Mor Appointment Appointment Value Online Reduce Schedular

Intelligent Scheduling
Patient Self-Scheduling
Automated Campaigns

2 Utilize AI To Maximize
Patient Safety

The digital front door carries inherent risks that can be avoided. Give patients and staff clear decision support before they take a potentially dangerous action. Ask about patient symptoms to guide patients to the right care, backed by Harvard Health experts. Leverage gold-standard Schmitt-Thompson algorithms to guide your triage nurses. Automate escalation steps to improve safety.

Symptom Checker
Nurse Triage

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3 Fully Integrated With Your Apps

One streamlined interface integrated with all your unique tools.

Keona Health supports over 40 integrations, providing users with a single seamless experience.

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4 Manage Digital Access And
Contact Center From One Place

Patient access has never been managed so easily. See web interaction statistics and manage queues in real-time. Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Take quick action in response to real patient decisions. Coach your users and improve workflows with holistic reports.


CareDesk makes omni-channel patient access fast and simple.

Connect your team with patients across the entire healthcare journey, from scheduling to triage to follow-up. CareDesk improves the patient access experience, grows revenue, and raises utilization.