Patient engagement in the 21st century is digital first.

Scheduling, waitlist, check-in, campaigns, symptom checker, file download, forms, and more…


Elevate patient and staff experience together with healthcare workflow automation

Health Desk is a patient engagement platform built in tandem with contact center automation. Let patients answer any questions they have themselves, while they're still connected to the nurse and agent behind the scenes. 




Million Patients Served


Natural phrases mapped by AI to clinical concepts



Online appointments scheduled on mobile

Integrates with your existing systems

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About Keona

We at Keona Health believe you can only improve the patient experience by improving your team experience. We make Health Desk, a Patient Access and Healthcare CRM platform that provides the best care to patients with superior tools for those who serve patients. Purpose built to provide flexibility with workflow solutions, the Health Desk platform unifies data from multiple sources allowing health providers to deliver effortless, consistent and personalized service and support through a single view..