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Innovative Patient Journeys That Help Providers Flourish

Keona Health’s software streamlines the patient journey through:

Hero Agents

AI-guided workflows empower your agents to be confident and dynamic.

The Right Appointment - Always

100% scheduling accuracy whether through patient self-service or your contact center.

Explosive Branding

Marketing and operations unite like never before to ignite growth.

Efficiency Without Compromise

Gain precision and safety without sacrificing freedom and ease.

Devoted & Engaged

Automated engagement and outreach tools give your patients the sticky experiences they love.

Harmonious Data

Seamless integration with your existing tools means you get a single system of record.

see what clients say about our
patient access software
“Never, in all my days, have I heard of agents being trained and taking calls without error in 2 days of being hired. That’s what happened to us within 2 weeks of going live.”
#1 Testimonial-1
Jordan Sappington

Director of Patient Information

Services, at Golden State Ortho

see what clients say about our
patient access software
“In the two years since we implemented CareDesk, we’ve doubled the number of providers. We have not had to add one single service staff position.”
#2 Testimonial-1
Kelly Dickerson,

Call Center Manager,

Emerge Ortho

see what clients say about our
patient access software
“Our providers now trust our agents.”
Layton Smith,

COO at Urology Austin

see what clients say about our
patient access software
“After we modernized our call center, revenues increased by 10%. The same was repeated for every location the call center took on.”
CIndy Feeley Professional Headshot
Cindy Feeley,


Formerly of United Urology

see what clients say about our
patient access software
“CareDesk is an incredible product that has allowed our practice to completely streamline incoming clinical triage and patient scheduling.”
VWC Logo-1
Wesley Ralston

at Virginia Women’s Center

see what clients say about our
patient access software
“Our 70+ nurses love the ease of the system and all the unique tools that help in the triage process.”
#5 Testimonial-1
Shelley Rogers

Owner of PRN, Inc.

see what clients say about our
patient access software
“Some providers are getting 10 more visits per week with self-scheduling, and Burlington urgent care is getting 7-10 more appointments per DAY.”
#6 Testimonial-1
Angel Jordan

Clinical Manager

Emerge Ortho

see what clients say about our
patient access software
“We have been working with a lot of outside vendors recently and [Keona’s] team is by far the best in the biz.”
Victoria “Tori” Ziegler

Director of Patient

Access at Oregon Clinics

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Healthcare CRM Software Integration

Keona Health Is Fully Integrated With Your Apps

Keona Health supports over 40 integrations to
harmonize your process.

Integrations Overview
Keona’s Healthcare CRM, CareDesk, is a

Clinically-Crafted System

That makes intricate access easy by taking the weight off your staff.

Online Patient Self-Scheduling

100% scheduling accuracy and utilization without sacrificing provider control.

  • Seamless self-service that patients love.
  • 30%+ of all appointments scheduled online.
  • Fewer phone calls, lower operating costs, less staffing pressure.
Agent Intelligent Scheduling

AI-guided call support empowers your agents to perform every task with confidence and precision.

  • Fewer provider complaints.
  • 10% increase in revenue.
  • 100% reduction in agent training time.
Nurse Triage

Built-in clinical guidance, fluid EHR integration, and embedded patient education tools create superior teletriage service.

  • 30%-60% reduction in triage handle times.
  • 66% less training time.
  • AI-powered HIPAA compliance, STCC guidelines, and intelligent escalation procedures.
Nurse Triage
Healthcare Call Center

AI-automated workflows streamline patient access, modernize the patient experience, and optimize your operations.

  • Improved first call resolution, 25%+ more calls handled per hour, diminished wait times for patients.
  • 70% reduction in training time for agents.
  • Scalable operations using a single system of record.
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