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Welcome to Practical Dynamite - a podcast designed to make your life Telehealth life easier. In it, we cover critical tips and tools for telehealth: including patient-self scheduling, assisted scheduling,  telemedicine, nurse triage, call center handling and so much more!


Telehealth has exploded recently, making it an exciting space full of new daily challenges that are always rapidly changing.  It is easy to get in over your head quickly, at which point it becomes difficult to recover.


But you don't have to reinvent the wheel here. There is no need to have to engage in daily research to stay up-to-date! Learn from larger call centers who have spent years and billions of dollars to learn the best practices and methods for you!


Whether you are a nurse, a practice manager, CEO or a provider -- you will find useful tips & musings from an expert with over 25 years of experience in telehealth at leading healthcare contact centers!







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Posted by Gina Tabone

Gina Tabone
Gina Tabone, MSN, has accrued 25+ years of experience advancing telehealth. During her time with Cleveland Clinic as the Administrator of Nurse on Call, she participated in the development of the first work-from-home, national centralized contact center - Access to Care.

She moved on to consult general telehealth for physician practices, health systems, pharmaceutical call centers, FQHC’s and a variety of other health care entities.

After a successful career, Gina was on the verge of retirement after open-heart surgery when COVID hit. She recognized the pandemic created a turning point for telehealth and she decided to reengage the industry.

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Schedule a Call - This is NOT for patients.