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10 Critical Things Healthcare Call Center Leaders Must Do To Transform


October 16, 2023

Implementing major changes in a healthcare call center is no easy feat

You need full alignment across your team to drive progress and adopt new ways of working. Here are the top considerations when leading your staff through a transformational shift:

Small tweaks won’t resolve the staffing crisis. Healthcare has fundamentally changed—transformative action is required.

10 essential to-do items to successfully transform

  1. Don’t just optimize for yesterday’s peak performance. Take the leap to find something even better.

  2. With 10,000 hours of expertise, your staff are deeply entrenched in old ways. Help them unlearn and rebuild.

  3. Shift focus from individual goals to unified team goals. Encourage them to row together and win together.

  4. Align metrics and incentives to strategy. Measure what matters to drive the right behaviors.

  5. Tackle mismatched motivations that block progress. Get incentives aligned to enable change.

  6. Expect a temporary performance dip during transformation. Keep eyes fixed on the end goal.

  7. Paint a compelling vision of the future. Rally and inspire staff for the change journey.

  8. Acknowledge the growing pains of change. Involve staff in working through them together.

  9. While nostalgia looms, the future brings better care. Lead staff into healthcare's next chapter.

  10. Equip yourself with these insights to smooth the path as you drive major improvements in patient access and service excellence. The change won't be easy, but the impact will be immense. 

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Stephen Dean

Stephen first built his career in information technology, working as a developer for Hewlett-Packard and several start-ups. He received his MBA from Duke before co-founding Keona Health, where he manages all facets of finance, marketing, and operations.

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