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Stephen Dean

Stephen first built his career in information technology. He left his philosophy major to work as a developer for Hewlett-Packard and then moved on to 3 consecutive startups, one of which grew to 150 employees before acquisition. Stephen received his MBA from the Duke University School of Business before co-founding Keona Health. At Keona Health, he directed all facets of finance, marketing and operations.

Post By Stephen Dean :

Customer Story
 Apr 23, 2021

CASE STUDY - Chesapeake Urology Associates

Customer Story
 Apr 23, 2021

CASE STUDY - Advocate Health Care

Customer Story
 Mar 25, 2021

Healthcare CRM has doctors and patients smiling at...

 Feb 25, 2021

Quick, get reimbursed for digital health while you...

 Feb 16, 2021

You Have a Digital Front Door Problem

Healthcare CRM Telehealth
 Feb 09, 2021

Five Steps to a Telehealth Digital Transformation

 Feb 02, 2021

2021 will be the Year of Telehealth Burnout

Healthcare CRM Telehealth
 Dec 08, 2020

Top 13 Patient Experience Metrics

Healthcare CRM Telehealth Scheduling
 Dec 03, 2020

Healthcare's Self-scheduling Problem (times 3!) an...

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