14 Jul serving through covid

Since January, 2020, Keona health has made it our ethical goal to provide as much effort as is needed in assisting our clients in the battle against COVID. For some, call volumes skyrocketed. Helping these clients has included:


  • Communicating new guidance for frontline workers ensuring they have the latest guidance
  • Creating new assessments and guideline protocols to handle COVID questions
  • Daily (and often more frequently) updating assessments, guidelines, and health information as new information becomes available
  • Analyzing chief complaints and updating Symptom Checker content. This included incorporating new natural language phrases to guide proper prioritization and inserting new workflows, like referral to a COVID testing facilities.
  • Providing in-app links to official sources like CDC, WHO, Ministries of Health, etc.


Other clients faced the urgent need to rework workflows and move staff offsite. We have helped them re-envision remote workflows:

  • Added new visit types for appointment scheduling
  • Route more visit types toward telemedicine
  • Ramp up telehealth scheduling
  • Ensured contact center staff ability to work remotely
  • Altered workflow scripts for remote work

Some clients faced both issues at the same time (see “Keona Health Remote Work Capabilities Thrive for Healthcare Contact Center Covering Half of Canada During COVID-19 Pandemic”).

We implemented syndromic surveillance for some customers, giving their hospitals and testing facilities advance notice of COVID demand. We continue to monitor the situation, stay on top of the latest COVID content, analyze call data, and improve workflows. If you are interested in how Keona Health can help you design virtual workflows or stay on top of COVID demands, please call (919) 246-8520.

Posted by Stephen Dean

Stephen Dean
Stephen first built his career in information technology. He left his philosophy major to work as a developer for Hewlett-Packard and then moved on to 3 consecutive startups, one of which grew to 150 employees before acquisition. Stephen received his MBA from the Duke University School of Business before co-founding Keona Health. At Keona Health, he directed all facets of finance, marketing and operations.

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