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5 Ways To Standardize Your Healthcare Call Center Workflows


October 23, 2023

If your call center feels chaotic, you're not alone. Without standardization, almost all call workflows become fragmented and inconsistent—and sloppy workflows for your staff means aggravating experiences for your patients.

Good news: standardizing your processes is easier than you may think. Here’s how to optimize:

5 crucial steps to streamlined workflows

1. Identify All Call Types 

Make a master list of every reason patients call in. Categorize call types to simplify management.

2. Document Workflows For Each Call Type 

Outline everything agents need to do for each call type, including scripts, lookups, and actions. 

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3. Use A Standard Format 

Format all workflows identically. Make it easy for agents to skim and stay oriented.

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4. Limit & Prioritize Choices 

Don't overwhelm agents. Limit choices to 2-5 options. Prioritize by urgency, not alphabetically. 

5. Consolidate Tools 

Reduce redundant tools. Provide one centralized place for workflows, even if linking out to other systems.

And remember:

Standardizing call workflows makes agents jobs’ easier. It empowers them to focus on patient care, rather than on navigating their own processes. These streamlined workflows, in turn, create consistently positive patient experiences. 

Workflow standardization pays off exponentially in the long-run by turbo-boosting efficiency and service quality. Standardization is thus a key component of cutting-edge patient access operations.

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Stephen first built his career in information technology, working as a developer for Hewlett-Packard and several start-ups. He received his MBA from Duke before co-founding Keona Health, where he manages all facets of finance, marketing, and operations.

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