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Health Desk makes omni-channel patient access fast and simple.

Connect your team with patients across the entire healthcare journey, from scheduling to triage to follow-up. Health Desk improves the patient access experience, grows revenue, and raises utilization.


Some of our customers


 image-opt “Improves Patient Care and Practice Operations”

“Health Desk is an incredible product that has allowed our practice to completely
streamline incoming clinical triage and patient scheduling...” (
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- Wesley Ralston, Director of Clinical Informatics

★★★★★ 5/5

Harvard Health Publishing works with Keona for Natural Language Symptom Screening

Few digital-front-door services in healthcare incorporate adequate safety checks.


The Health Desk Symptom Checker with Harvard Health content guides patients through personalized and accurate recommendations.


Health Desk makes omni-channel patient access fast and simple

Keona Health's software connects your team with patients across the entire healthcare journey, from scheduling to triage to follow-up. Health Desk helps you:

  • Satisfy any need the patient raises with safety and consistency
  • Schedule appointments accurately for every provider
  • See health status & get ahead of patient needs
  • Automate tasks like sending appointment reminders, providing health education, and nurse triage
  • Let patients satisfy their own needs while connected to an agent or nurse
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FULLY Integrated With Your apps

One Streamlined Interface Integrated With all Your Unique Tools.

With support for over 40 integrations, Health Desk is a next-generation Healthcare CRM that closely integrates with your other tools and software to provide users with a single seamless experience, eliminating the need to switch between disconnected applications, saving users time, and reducing error-prone data re-entry.


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Advanced Safety features designed to maximize your patient’s safety

Safety Features at Every Touchpoint

Telehealth carries inherent risks that must be thoughtfully considered. Protect your patients and your organization with a healthcare CRM designed to maximize safety at every step:

  • Natural language algorithms help both patients and schedulers by flagging potentially high-risk and subtle cues that typically go unnoticed.
  • Health Desk clearly guides your staff down the pre-approved process required to escalate the disposition.
  • On-call providers are now literally a click away.
  • Knowledge-base and geo-location tools already in the Health Desk platform will display all local urgent and emergency resources.
  • e911 tool allows seamless call hand-offs the appropriate 911 facility.
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Automation tools to reduce STAFF EFFORT

Customized for every workflow you support

  • Reduce training overload and the mental fatigue created by disjointed process requirements. Health Desk is a sophisticated suite of automation tools that directs your staff via a dynamic page and guided scripts.
  • Intelligent Scheduling enforces complex scheduling rules and hard-to-remember provider requirements.
  • Contextual Knowledge Base puts information right at your users fingertips, while Clinical Decision Support tools guide Nurse Triage and prompt for easy Service Referrals.
  • These are just a few of the many automation tools that are combined into a single, holistic and comprehensive telehealth experience.
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Patient Access enabling call-center touchpoint reduction

Patient Access that works

Patients have easier electronic access than ever to their healthcare. Yet most patient access channels are underutilized because the patient experience is disjointed, and creating a smooth experience is too expensive and difficult for the practice. New channels can only achieve adoption when the service provided meets or exceeds patient expectations. Health Desk improves the patient access experience, exceeding patient expectations and raising utilization. Learn more about Patient Self-Scheduling here.

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Remote Management delighting patients

Remote Management for telehealth

For the first time, management can access holistic reports that correlate telephone statistics with scheduling, nurse triage, provider paging, messaging, call outcomes, and chart health information, all updated daily. At an immediate practical level, you can manage your queues in real time, and coach remote staff as needed. See the power of Advanced Queues, Overwatch, and Healthcare CRM Business Intelligence.

“Being able to customize the protocols for both scheduling and triage are extremely important to our business, as we continue to work to listen to our providers and match their needs for support with the product, better insuring that we are always working towards providing a superior patient experience.”

- Cindy Feeley, Vice President Women’s Patient Relations and Process Improvement.
United Urology Group

“We are executing on an incredible task: modernizing to meet the needs of a demanding market, while self-funding these investments through efficiency gains. There is no other platform like Health Desk – it addresses our needs now as well as our future growth.”

- Dr. Jennifer DeBruler, VPMM of Patient Access, Medical Director.
Advocate Contact Center

Health Desk is an incredible product that has allowed our practice to completely streamline incoming clinical triage and patient scheduling. The Health Desk scheduling component has revolutionized the way we schedule patients.”
Virginia Women’s Center

- Wesley Ralston, Director of Clinical Informatics.
Virginia Women’s Center

 Keona’s Health Desk product helps you:

  • • Increase Patient Safety
  • • Address Patient Needs Across All Channels
  • • Boost Productivity at every Touchpoint
  • • Automate Scheduling & Patient Access
  • • Implement & Manage Holistic Telehealth
  • • Reduce Liability & Unnecessary Risk.


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