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Center For Data Innovation: '5 Q’s for Oakkar Oakkar, Founder and CEO of Keona Health'


December 7, 2023

Keona Health CEO Oakkar Oakkar sat down with the Center For Data Innovation for an in-depth Q&A. Read the full interview here:

5 Q’s for Oakkar Oakkar, Founder and CEO of Keona Health

From the Center For Data Innovation: "The Center for Data Innovation spoke with Oakkar Oakkar, founder and CEO of Keona Health, a healthcare software company based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Oakkar explained how healthcare providers can use Keona Health’s AI-powered platform and clinical insights to optimize patients’ experiences and discussed the evolution of telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic."


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Ryan Hunt

Ryan has over a decade of experience in digital development and analytics for leading organizations. He has developed, optimized, and managed countless websites and software systems. In 2018, he became Keona’s Marketing Manager.

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