getting 25% and more


of all appointments self-cheduled by patients

Empower your patients to schedule their own appointments. True patient self-scheduling takes the burden off of your staff not just for scheduling, but also for handling cancellations, wait-listing, and rescheduling! Automated confirmation, reminders, calendar invitation, and navigation help patients arrive at the right time and place with everything they need.




Contactless scheduling 24x7



  Shrink phone volume



 Boost patient satisfaction



Stop patient leakage



Reduce staff effort



Maximize revenue


The benefits are wonderful, but healthcare scheduling is complicated. The large barriers to a smooth patient experience have tripped up many organizations. Success requires a deeper collaboration between departments and rigorous planning for success. Watch these videos to help you understand and prepare for true successful patient self-scheduling.



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Video 1: Before you Start: Key Barriers

Video 2: Overview: a 7-step roadmap

Video 3: Preparing for Success: a checklist

Video 4: Who you Need: the right people

"Improves patient care and practice operations"

"Health Desk is an incredible product that has allowed our practice to completely streamline incoming clinical triage and patient scheduling."

 - Wesley Ralston, Director of Clinical Informatics

Stars 5/5


what if i want to ease-in with 5-10% self-scheduling?

No problem! We realize not all organizations are ready for the steep commitment required for digital transformation. If you want to get online quickly and keep your workflows the way they are today, we can have a solution running white-labeled for you within weeks.


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