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Keona Health in the Primary Care Office of the Future

Keona Health, a healthcare software startup, is featured this week at the CIPCI Primary Care Office of the Future simulation.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C., (May 25, 2014) — Following on the heels of closing a $2.5M round, Keona Health has been selected by the Connecticut Institute for Primary Care Innovation (CIPCI) to be featured in its simulation of the future of primary care.

Keona Health, creators of automated patient communication software, announced their role in the Primary Care Office of the Future. The Primary Care Office of the Future is a simulation of primary care transformations that work. It runs from May 20 – May 30 in Hartford, Connecticut. Emerging companies were selected based on having already demonstrated the ability to improve the workflow of primary care. In practices using the Online Health Advice application, patients can go to the clinic’s website, patient portal, or call in to complete their health history through an intelligent, automated interview process. The practice responds back to patients with recommendation and education as soon as possible. “We are honored to be selected for this simulation,” said Oakkar Oakkar, CEO of Keona Health. “Primary care doctors are expected to deliver better care to more people with less. The primary care office of the future will deliver evidence-based guidance to the patient in a fraction of the time, helping practices filter through the noise of phone calls to determine urgency and provide optimal care. Keona Health has already solved an important piece of that puzzle.” About Keona Health Keona Health helps healthcare professionals communicate with their patients while relieving the telephone burden. Keona is dedicated to give patients access anytime and anywhere with the trust and convenience they deserve, making care more personal, accurate, and easy. For more information, see www.keonahealth.com and on Twitter @KeonaHealth. About CIPCI The Connecticut Institute for Primary Care Innovation (CIPCI) is a collaborative enterprise between Saint Francis Care and the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. CIPCI is a national model for training and retaining primary care providers, and improves care through applied research on the patient-centered medical home and other strategies for coordination and communication.

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