How To Drive Healthcare Growth & Quality With Service Metrics

Discover the 15 key patient experience metrics every healthcare contact center must track to boost patient satisfaction, loyalty, and growth.

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Cindy Feeley
Cindy Feeley

She’s turned each $1 invested in call centers into $11+ for the organization

Healthcare Call Center Metrics
Cindy Feeley
Cindy Feeley

She’s turned each $1 invested in call centers into $11+ for the organization

Healthcare Call Center Metrics
patient experience metrics

Learn the #1 metric correlated with patient loyalty

patient experience metrics

Why your phone system, with metrics like abandonment rate, leaves you stuck and flying blind

patient experience metrics

1 metric forecasts near-term growth more than any other—learn how to calculate it

patient experience metrics

How COVID altered expectations and consumerism changes the game

patient experience metrics

BONUS 🎉: 2 page “cheat sheet” of metrics, formulas, and data sources

Healthcare Call Center Metrics

Data-Driven Guide to Decoding the Complex Patient Journey

Many healthcare providers feel stuck and frustrated.

Just tracking phone system "abandonment rate" doesn't give any strategic insight.

Missing out on the full patient experience means you can't make meaningful improvements.

Consumer expectations have changed in a big way.

A 2018 McKinsey survey shows that people are comparing healthcare to other businesses.

Patients have more choices now, and their loyalty isn't a given.

To stay competitive and grow, healthcare organizations need to focus on the patient experience.

Today, you can gain the clarity and confidence to make strategic decisions that boost efficiency, care quality, and financial performance.

Here's the bad news: Many healthcare providers will try to improve the patient experience this year, but few will actually succeed.

The ones that do well will pick specific metrics to focus on, understand shifts in consumer behavior and telehealth, and improve operational efficiency.

But most will find the data too complex and won't see beyond basic interactions.

A recent survey of healthcare executives shows that many organizations feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of metrics they could track and struggle to identify the important ones.

Research shows that without a focused way to measure patient experience, many healthcare organizations react without real progress, failing to connect patient data to care quality or operational efficiency improvements.

Old methods only give a snapshot, not the whole picture, which can lead to mistakes.

These approaches work only by chance.

If you've felt this way, you're not alone.

It's not your fault if past attempts to improve patient metrics didn't work out.

The ongoing issues are often due to bad advice, like relying only on CAHPS surveys and anecdotal feedback.

That's why we created this eBook: to help healthcare organizations identify the 15 most important patient experience metrics for future planning.

You might have tried implementing changes to improve patient care but got bogged down by data.

Or you tried to meet new consumer demands but ended up with inefficient processes and frustrated staff.

You end up feeling confused, frustrated, and defeated.

And it sometimes feels like no matter what you do, you’re never going to significantly improve the patient experience.

Gain the clarity to make strategic decisions that enhance efficiency, care quality, & financial performance.

In this new eBook, patient experience experts Cindy Feeley and Stephen Dean reveal the 15 most essential metrics every healthcare organization must measure to:

patient experience metrics

Accurately gauge patient perceptions of their care experience


Proactively identify service issues before they impact loyalty

Make data-driven improvements to streamline patient access

Make data-driven improvements to streamline patient access

Empower staff to deliver the convenient, personalized service patients demand

Empower staff to deliver the convenient, personalized service patients demand


Grow market share and revenue by earning enthusiastic patient referrals

Healthcare Call Center Metrics

Every metric includes real-world examples & formulas so you can start tracking & enhancing your system immediately.

Featuring over 50 pages of in-depth insights, The Top 15 Patient Experience Metrics for Success is your blueprint for building a patient-centric culture of service excellence.

You'll learn:

6 executive KPIs that predict patient loyalty and revenue growth

Which operational metrics have the biggest impact on patient satisfaction

7 critical leading indicators to track for continuous improvement

How to use Quality Scores to motivate and coach high-performing teams

And much more!

About The Authors

Cindy Feeley

Cindy Feeley

Cindy is a veteran in customer service leadership with over 30 years of expertise, including transformative roles at Citibank and United Urology. Her philosophy integrates service improvement with robust business outcomes, turning customer service centers into benchmarks of excellence.

Stephen Dean

Stephen Dean

Stephen started his career in tech-heavy customer service roles at Hewlett Packard and progressed through various startups to pioneer patient access innovations with Keona Health. His work now supports healthcare centers that collectively cater to 14 million lives, enhancing patient access and service efficiency.

Free Bonus With Your eBook!

Metrics Cheat Sheet: 2 Pages Of Condensed Data

Get to the heart of your healthcare organization’s performance with our indispensable Quick Reference Sheet. This tool distills complex data into accessible, easy-to-use metrics with clear formulas and sources, enabling you to implement impactful changes swiftly.

This Quick Reference Sheet complements your understanding of the eBook, providing a snapshot of each metric, its importance, the formula for calculation, and data sources for practical application. Perfect for healthcare executives, managers, and IT professionals looking to refine operational efficiency and elevate patient care.