Oracle Cerner Integration

The importance of integration for reducing double data entry

Studies indicate that reliance on manual data entry and fragmented systems elevates the risk of mistakes, which hinders the ability of agents and nurses to provide high-quality service.

A study from PLOS notes that disconnected systems create bottlenecks and delays in care management​. And additional research published in BMJ Open emphasizes the critical role of care coordination across healthcare systems and how fragmented systems exacerbate communication failures and service delays​.

These findings underscore the necessity for integrated, streamlined solutions to mitigate fragmentation fatigue and enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare call centers.

  • Eliminate time-wasting activities in your call center.
  • Break free from the complexity of disconnected systems.
  • Uncover the efficiency trigger that streamlines workflows, boosts resolution, and enhances safety.
  • Eliminate application overload for your team, empowering them to focus on exceptional care.
  • Uncover the three essential elements that can transform your healthcare call center into a hub of quality patient service.

Smooth patient experiences come from smooth staff experiences.

Learn the key to building and maintaining provider trust through consistent, high-quality call center interactions, and discover why quality performance minimizes the need for constant problem-solving.
  • Less training time for agents and nurses.
  • Fewer handling errors and improved patient safety.
  • Higher scheduling throughput and reduced no-shows.
  • Higher first contact resolution and lower handle time.
  • Consistent and quality documentation.
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